New Features In Xero – 20/01/2017

Promotional Codes
If you are a client or have been a client and have not used a promotional code, now you adviser can retrospectively go and apply it. They simply need to click on the "options" on the company name and input a current promotion code.

Quick Reports
Click on a report and make it a favourite and it will be added to the drop down on the Reports Tab.

Import Multiple Journals
You can import multiple journals <strong>and</strong> you can click on multiple draft journals and post them.
You can also now void multiple journals by simple going to posted, clicking multiple tick boxes and void them.

Payment Services
The audit section for the Active Payments Services now shows all notes and changes either by clicking on the Payment Services, or if you just want to report on them, it is in the Adviser -> History and Notes Activity

New subtle feature is that you can move items up and down when capturing in the details.

Bank Account
Another subtle change is when reconciling the bank accounts, the efficiency of the page load time is more efficient especially when clicking the "OK" button.

Stripe and Apple Pay
If you use the Stripe payment system, you now have the option on the iOS on the dropdown Pay Now button is Apple Pay option.