Phone features

IOS – Edit and remove part payments.

Android and IOS – Ability to upload .PDF’s and it will pull through information from upload.

Xero Main Update

Change in matching banking transactions and suggestions.

New PayPal Commerce Platform integration (business account). If you are using Paypal, update.

New invoices will prompt you with a prepayment or overpayment.

Cash Validation Customer Report – helps apply for a bank loan as it is now showing what the information is verified against.

Report Settings and Filters – Now has a search function and allows you to easily filter the report.

Cash Flow reports – An additional column to show exchange rate effects.

New Help Menu – You can search in help for more relevant topics.

3rd Party Apps and Add-On’s

Xero Expenses and Projects – There is now a demo available to try out the new Xero Expenses and Projects (Additional expenses) functionality.

HUBDOC – improvement in import where it can identify a duplicate invoice. Checks date, and invoice number.