Become compliant with future cash flow

During COVID, it has given each business owner some time to self reflect and look at what has happened with their business. For most business owners, there was no way to anticipate the impact COVID would have on their business. Especially when having to shut down operations. Some business owners were also thinking that they would become compliant next month, or possibly the month after. Days turn to week, weeks to months, months to years, and suddenly you are in a predicament that seems to be costly. some people even do the ostrich, and hide their heads in the sand, and hope to fly under the radar.

Well, it is time to get compliant! It is time for you to get everything up to date.

Returns to SARS,
CIPC returns,
WCA returns,
UIF returns…. and so much more.

We are offering businesses and individuals to join us and get you compliant and up to date with returns. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll do it together.

Join My Guys during June, July, and August. We’ll defer our project fees until January 2021 and get your business up to date. We’ll support your business with free XERO until January 2021. There is no catch other than deferred fees. Let me break it down into a bit more detail.

When you join My Guys (Pty) Ltd, we will look at your portfolio and tell you what backdated project fees there may be to bring you up to date. These fees will be broken down into a set monthly fee starting in January 2021. During the period from now until January, you will pay 50% of the normal My Guys monthly retainer only (obviously size dependant). No additional XERO fees.

Be the business and individual you want to be. Sleep better at night and become COMPLIANT.

Move your accounting to us and only start being fully billed from 01/01/2021. Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact us to find out if you qualify.

My Guys – we sort it out!