From the 2020 year of assessment, SARS is performing tax calculations on the IRP5/IT3(a) certificates.

Where it is found that the incorrect amount of tax was deducted from the employee, a letter will be issued, accompanied by a file containing a list of the certificates that have failed the SARS calculation. The letter is to inform the employer of discrepancies
on the amount of tax or levies that were deducted for employees.

The tilde (~) delimited text file containing the reasons for the failure(s) will be sent to the
submitting channel.

• e@syfile validation calculation file: can be found on the EMP501 Status Dashboard. After clicking “Update” to see the submission status, click the “Download Employment Tax Validation” button located at the top of the screen to download the tilde (~) delimited text file.
• eFiling validation calculation file: can be found on the EMP501 work page next to the EMP501 information. Click on “View” under the View Certificate Errors heading.

The file will be downloaded or an option to save will be displayed (depending on browser used).