Register the correct details at SARS

SARS is now set to update taxpayers (business and individuals) during the next few months of 2020.

This is nothing new. Your details should be correct with SARS at all times. But things in life change eg

  • divorce
  • new cell phone numbers
  • no longer living with your parents
  • changing email addresses
  • getting married (maybe I should have put that before divorce)
  • moving to a new province and address
  • finding a better landlord
  • changing banks (this one is a nasty one)
  • other
  • So it is more than likely that your day to day details will have changed. If they have, it is easy enough to change on e-filing. COMING SOON: Click here for a tutorial.

    Whether or not SARS will simply accept the scanned documentation online or you will have to go into a branch is based on a case by case basis. I can confirm that everyone at SARS has received different training. What it says on the website if different from real life. So prepare to feel frustrated. To deal with this frustration you can goto

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