Why use a Tax Practitioner?

Please remember that all Tax Practitioners are now required to be registered with a recognised controlling body (RCB) as well as with SARS.

Find out if your Tax Practitioner is registered with a RCB and SARS. We are registered with SAIT as our RCB and SARS as a Tax Practitioner.

Check SAIT Registration

Check SARS Registration

You can ask your Tax Practitioner for their SARS and Controlling Body registration details to verify that you are working with a registered and reputable practitioner.

Top Tip: You can check if they’re registered with an accredited professional body and you’ve got better protection if they belong to a registered practitioner association.

A person who is not registered with a RCB and who prepares tax returns on your behalf will only be able to perform limited functions. They may not charge you and they may not submit the return on your behalf.

In order to submit a return completed by someone who prepares your ITR12:

You can register for eFiling and complete and submit the return yourself or you can register for eFiling and obtain shared access from your preparer and then submit on eFiling the saved return completed by that preparer or alternatively you can visit a SARS branch to file your return.

Top Tip: Even though a Tax Practitioner is completing and submitting your ITR12 on your behalf, the responsibility still rests with you as the taxpayer to make a true declaration and for any outstanding returns, payments and penalties.

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